LPS draws and ships to any laboratory for processing if shipping is prepaid or billable stamps are on the packages. All labs require a signed requisition from their provider before we can draw a patient.

Maine Local Laboratories

We carry supplies and drop samples off for processing.

*Northern Light Laboratory (Formally known as Affiliated Labs)
*Quest Diagnostics / New Century Labs (Cash Based ONLY)
*NorDx Laboratories
*Any local hospital in the State of Maine (Usually for Medicare / Medicaid Patients)

Requires FedEx or UPS Shipping

We are contracted with some laboratories and carry their supplies on hand.
*Boston Heart Diagnostics - Have All Blood & COVID Nasal Supplies
*Vibrant America - Have All Blood Supplies
*Medical Diagnostics Lab (MDL) - Have All Blood Supplies
*IGeneX - Have All Blood Supplies
*Genova - Do Not Carry Supplies (Due to Urine Samples)

We will ship to any company not listed above however kits need to provided to either LPS or the patient to be drawn. We also welcome any providers to drop ship kits to us as well as we will hold kits on hand for your patients.