In-Home Blood Drawing

Hire an In-Home Phlebotomist in Maine and border communities of New Hampshire

Learn how a phlebotomist can serve you

Lacasse Phlebotomy Services provides a unique service in Maine and border communities of New Hampshire. That service is in-home phlebotomy.

Our in-home phlebotomist can visit you in your home. If you need to have blood drawn, but you can't make it to a doctor's office or would feel more comfortable at home, we're here for you. Ask us about phlebotomy services by calling 207-492-3005 today.

How do our services work?

First, we'll plan an appointment that suits your schedule. Unlike a typical laboratory, we offer a wide range of appointment times, including Saturday times. Your appointment for in-home phlebotomy services will be at a convenient time.

Then, we'll bring all of the necessary supplies and equipment to your home. We'll meet with you and make sure that you feel comfortable having blood drawn. Our in home phlebotomist will collect blood samples from you.

We will do all the work for you by transporting samples. Easy and convenient