Crystal - Owner

My name is Crystal Lacasse. I was born in Portland, Maine and graduated high school in 2004 from Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, Maine. Shortly after I moved to Augusta, Maine; I met my husband in 2005. We got married in 2009 and now have 2 wonderful children. Growing up I wanted to own my own childcare business. I started college in 2008 at University of Maine at Augusta for a degree in business. After some time off, I switched gears a little and completed a degree in Phlebotomy in 2015. After that I still completed my degree in Business Management from Kaplan University in 2016. I passed the national exam for Phlebotomy by ASCP in May 2015 which currently expires in 2021.

Central Maine Medical Center gave me my first job in the field. I started with out- patient and quickly moved to in-patient. I worked all the shifts and where coverage was needed. I covered mostly the ICU and ER trauma calls as well as the cardiac, maternity, day surgery and oncology floors. I quickly became the go to person for patients with difficult veins, children and anxiety to blood draws. I left CMMC for Mercy Diagnostics in January 2017. My position at Mercy was the northern Maine float covering call outs, requests off and on-sites for special cases. I covered up to 8 sites in Maine at doctors' offices. During the 2 years with Mercy Diagnostics I also trained the new phlebotomist at a doctor's office site that had become contracted with Mercy. At the sites we would draw patients, process and ship specimens through FedEx, UPS and Mercy's courier.

In February 2019, I started to investigate my own independent business in phlebotomy. Obtained insurance to do in-home blood drawing as well as putting together a business plan. After Mercy Diagnostics went out of business in early April 2019, I decided to pursue my business fully. I have become well known by the doctors I have served, as well as patients, that I am very caring and compassionate with my patients. I pride myself in my knowledge of lab tests, organization and my ability to draw blood for pediatric/geriatric/disabled with minimal pain and bruising to the patients as well as providing professional care for their experience.

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